Presentation Tips and Tools

  • When children thrive, we all benefit. Engage your community in learning about the importance of children growing up in safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and why this is a priority for building healthy communities. Kansas Power of the Positive makes it easy by bringing a variety of tools and resources together all in one place!

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  • PowerPoint Presentation – Download this presentation for use with any audience.
  • Supplemental PowerPoint Slides – Need more information on the ACE Study results or early brain development? Use these slides to explore the issue deeper.
  • Business Case – Additional slides for making the case for local business partners.
  • Elevator Speech – Download this 15 slide presentation when you need a shortened version.
  • Got your ACE Score? ACEs and Resilience Questionnaires

    The ACEs questionnaire was developed as a research tool and contains questions of a sensitive nature. It is included here for informational and educational purposes only. It is sometimes used in conjunction with a Resilience Questionnaire that is also available online at

  • Right from the Start – This community "issue guide" from the Kettering Foundation was designed for people who are concerned about the development of our youngest children, as well as its ripple effects on our communities and nation. The guide focuses on the first four years, before most children begin their formal education. This guide will help your group examine what can and should be done to help them grow during this critical time and start school to learn.